Ryder Cup Day 0ne

Well, as predicted the Yanks are kickin’ ass.

Faldo can’t either pick OR manage a team and AZ is the total opposite.  And their dander is up.  I think it could get messy.

I took them to win by anything from 17 – 11 to 19.5 – 9.5. I might have underestimated.

Is it just me or is US TV’s coverage simply the worst ever?

Cutting away before holes are complete. Next to no replays. Nothing to help you know what’s going on.

And as for the ‘strips’ who thought to give both sides virtually the same clothing.  That doesn’t help does it?

For those of you watching in black and white both teams are in grey.

Ryder Cup

My mate Tony says Europe has no chance and for one fundamental reason…the team hates Faldo.  That’s good enough for me.

Oh, and the Yanks love AZ.

That is another scary factor against us.

I’ll be wagering on US for a big win but for Sergio to stand proud (4, or more, not decided yet, points).

You read it here.

What’s more…

It’s in America

They’re better than us.

We’ve had a good run. (And it has to end some time.)

They hate us.

Darren Clarke got snubbed by Faldo.

And so did, love him or hate him, the second best Ryder Cup Player of all time…Colin Montgomery.

For the record Faldo hates him.

top placed medal finish so far.

12th.  not bad for a useless twat.

12th. not bad for a useless idiot.

Well, I’m 46 and I’ve been a member of Dundas Parks for 9 years.

The weather was grim.

The course played tough.

But I ground out, not my best medal score ever today but, my best placed finish.

OK it was a so what 12th.  But if you were as familiar with last place as I am you’d be pretty chuffed about that.

I am.

The Milky bars are on Tom

Whoop de doo

Whoop de doo

Yup.  They sure are because in the summer singles final at Ratho this afternoon Tom hada hole in one at the eighth.

Unfortunately he lost the match and to make matters worse I caned him and my Brother in Law at The Merchants this evening.  More on that later.

For now though, well done Tom for your hole in one.  I’ve never had one.

Golf greatness



Perfect golf weather.

Actually it was 9 degrees today and pissing with rain. Tom was engaged at Ratho in the semi-final of the Ratho Juniors handicap matchplay.  He beat his opponent 6 and 4.  Which is something of a massacre.

Me?  I was at Dundas in a medal and after 14 holes was 5 under, knowing that the leader had shot 6 under, in the far better morning weather.  Then I shot an 8 at the par 4 15th and a 5 at the par 3 16th to go back to 1 under.

I parred my way in after that.

I could have been a contender, but believe it or not my net 69 was my best EVER medal score.

I’m massively disappointed at my inability to close out, but on the other hand, to play your best ever round after 35 years of trying is reason for celebration.


On the eve of battle

“Fingers twitch over keyboard.

Mind wanders off to the wilderness of Arran.

As the prospect of conflict weighs heavy.

On the soul.

Bring it on.

The Auchrannie Quaich.

To the victor. The spoils.”

Yes. I’m off in search of the trophy. Shame I’m so bad at golf.

I will, of course, win best dressed man.

So near and yet so far

This was the scene that greeted us on the first at Dundas Parks Golf Course today as we teed up for the Club championship doubles.

Frankly, it was uninviting.

But we didn’t hesitate. Twice we had to come off the course as the lightning pelted the course left right and centre. But the game must go on.

And, sure, it rained a bit.

A lot actually.

Like Gladiators. myself and Dick Whittock, a nice older guy from Kirkliston (known locally as Cheesetown) built up a two hole advantage, ground out over the first ten holes only to play like a couple of fannies on the 11th to go back to one up.

By the 13th it was all square as Trevor Jones sank putt after putt. And his playing partner, Douglas was rock solid throughout.

And level was how it remained until the 17th when they snuck into the lead. The damage was done. A half on the 18th meant dreams of trophy lifting in the Greensomes will have to wait until 2009.