Digital Britain?

“Only a Digital Britain can unlock the imagination and creativity that will secure for us
and our children the highly skilled jobs of the future. Only a Digital Britain will secure the
wonders of an information revolution that could transform every part of our lives. Only a
Digital Britain will enable us to demonstrate the vision and dynamism that we have to
shape the future.”
Rt Hon. Gordon Brown MP, Prime Minister

OK.  Let’s see some action then.

the Brown Bounce

It’s really quite an extraordinary phenomenon this. Abject fiscal failure has placed Gordon Brown not in the political knacker’s yard but has driven something approaching the greatest comeback since Lazarus. And, unless you failed to register my paradox, I’ll repeat it.

It is failure that has been the catalyst for his success.

Any government that can double the national debt in six months to the highest level since 1946 when, let’s face it, we had a nation to rebuild, literally, and GROW their share of the popular vote must have some form of godlike genius about it. Some form of shamen on the frontline. A Ronaldo in attack.

Is this the Labour government you know?


Or, is this a government in free fall, facing the weakest opposition in political history.



And thrice, yes.

That is exactly what we are talking about here.

Come on folks, could you honestly imagine an announcement at the Whitehouse press conference welcoming the Prime Minister of England (sorry Great Britain), as Mr David Cameron and not imagine, off camera, a bunch of snickering aids texting each other saying. “Who is he exactly? Is he, like, important?”

Gobstoppersooker, or whatever it is he does in that oral cavity, at least has the presence of ‘Brownism’. His shock haired apprentice must think “Poor old Davy C, if the poor sap ever gets in I know how he’ll feel.”

Salmond preens. Aloof. Concocting his latest ascerbism.

It is indeed rich political times in which we live.


So, US congress reluctantly votes to bail out the world economy by getting tax payers to pay for Wall Street’s greed.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Labour party nationalises Bradford and Bingley witn taxpayers’ money.

Any thoughts on who lost out in all this greed?

Here’s a clue. It wasn’t anyone in the City or on Wall Street because lost jobs or otherwise, they’re all right Jack.

Earthquake in Scotland

Gor blimey. What's gonna go wrang next?

Gor blimey. What's gonna go wrang next?

So, as predicted, Alex Salmond has delivered a further body blow to what is appearing to be an increasingly inept Brown government. But it’s hardly a surprise is it. After all Alex was crawling all over Glasgow East on a regular basis wooing the electorate whilst Brown just shuffled about apologetically in an unapologetic way.

OK, it’s a protest vote and not likely to be repeated in a general election, but you cannot argue with Salmond and his very able deputies (Swinney in a role he is far better suited to than leading the party) and Nicola Sturgeon, an articulate and likeable deputy to Salmond.

At this rate he could actually convince the country to vote for independence.

The tingle

You live through the last ten years of lying politics and suddenly things go a bit tingly.

Barak Obama is undoubtedly the most exciting introduction to the Western political world since Clinton (Mr , not Mrs) and some.

And in Scotland we are graced by Alex Salmond.

In between times Bush bombs; yes, I know, it’s a pun.

Brown just goes pear-shaped – but what can you expect when his boss/predecessor was an inveterate liar?

So.  Bring it on.  The Presidential election I mean.  Because, although I am massively predisposed to Obama, I think we all need to see the debate unfold.