I was just talking to Lee,  my Hearts fan colleague, about how nice it was to see Hibs joint top of the league and Hearts joint bottom and he went and got all upset,  libelous about Yogi and basically acted like you’d expect a Hearts fan to act when his team is £30 odd million in debt and joint bottom of the league.

He had to revert to boasting about the fact that they were top of the crap teams last year.   And then he had the audacity to slag Hibs for being one down at half time against St Mirren.  As if it mattered what the score was at half time.  I don’t actually ever recall points being awarded for first half performances do you?

Kris Boyd to be sold to a richer club. Oh isn’t that awful.

Don't cry for me argy bargy.

Don’t cry for me argy bargy.

It makes me laugh till I spew reading the angst emanating from Ibrox about Kris Boyd being sold.  What?  The family jewels sold off to a bigger and richer club, (Birmingham City) just when they were doing well.

Well, now you know how it feels!

Thomson, Miller, Whittaker, Murray and, over the fence, Caldwell, Killen, Riordan, Brown and that’s probably not all of them that have been ripped out of Easter Road in the last few years and it’s no different at Hearts or Dundee Utd.


You bet.

(Oh and I believe they’re after Andy Driver at Hearts.  Bloody hypocrites.)

Hibs 0 – 6 Barcelona

Messi.  Very, very Messi.

Messi; very, very Messi.

Not a particularly good European campaign for the Hibees this summer. Three defeats, no goals scored, a veritable humping from a merely warming up Barcelona under the inspired leadership of Messi. Yes, it was, very Messi indeed.

Mixu was at least honest enough to admit that Hibs were given a real lesson. I wonder if we are about to see the start of the implications of selling 11 or so internationals over the last three years.

Anyway at least the Jambos were happy. Gives them five minutes free from contemplation about how their team can survive until the end of the season.

I pity them, I really do.


Sun(y)life Hearts Plan

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So, Mixu has landed

The Mighty Hibees have a new manager. The mighty Mixu. He was a bit of a legend. Ok maybe he didn’t walk on water like JC. But at least he didn’t give up when things weren’t going so well.

Maybe he’ll be able to recreate some of this magic. (Watch carefully and you’ll see he did make a contribution! Three actually.)


Or, even better.


That’s 16 v 2 in only 2 games.

JC is now Judas. He got his bag of silver.

Maybe Mixu will have the stomach for a fight.

Golf heaven

I played in the Tods Murray golf challenge yesterday.  And played well, at The PGA Course at Gleneagles.  We had Craig Levien in our team and what a great guy.


At an appropriate moment I mentioned to him that I had been at every one of the Hibs v Hearts matches in the 22 game unbeaten run for Hearts.

Craig replied quick as a John Robertson right footer.

“Aye, so was I.”


Archerfield tomorrow.