The very best of Jools Holland

On Friday night Paul Buchanan performed, IMHO, one of the greatest ever performances on Jools.  Even my wife asked to see it again.  Here it is.

Here are, also in IMHO, the other two performances that make up the top three.

PJ Harvey, Down by the Water.

Mary J Blige, No More Drama.

I would be interested to see what you all think and compile a poll of the best ever.

So, please comment below with your suggestions for the all time best Jools Holland performances and I’ll make up a shortlist and share it here.


On the extended Jools tonight we were “treated” to an interview with Howard Devoto and Dave Formula (who smiled politely).

Devoto came across as a right creep.  Totally in love with himself.

As he did in their not brilliant performance of “Shot by both sides.”

But then they got better.  A Song From Under the Floorboards and The Light Shines out of Me were both amazing and came across as timeless classics, which indeed they are.  They sounded as fresh today as they did in the late 70’s.

Shame Devoto had to be such a jerk boy.  And the guy on guitar could have laid up on the chewing gum for a second could he not?  Really fucking annoying.

(David Reid tells me they are astonishing live.)

Lisa hannigan

I was totally blown away by her performance on Jools on Friday.  Never heard of her before.  I will be queuing up for her CD, Sea Sew,  at the earliest opportunity.  (In fact I’ve ordered it already)  Fantastic videos below.  Just please don’t compare her to Bjork.

Out of the mire

In a remarkably poor end of season programme this band stood out like an oasis in the desert.

Indeed the interviewee that followed their first spot, Ray Davies, was transfixed and proclaimed them a cross between Blondie and Led Zepellin. The truth is they are a hybrid of LA and Cambodia. I don’t know how they’ve passed my by so far because they rock man.

They are Dengue Fever.

It looks like this is their signature song and was, in fact, the one that moved Ray Davies so much…

Actually, I think they’re a sort of modern day Cramps but from a different swamp.

Jools sadly primed the Hootenany, a show much compromised by his insidious limelight-seeking last year, by promising heaps of Jools stuff, like Ruby Turner. Worrabore.


I’ve been catching up on old Jools Holland Shows and I’ve only a few left before I am in real time.  Imagine my delight then to fall upon this – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds playing probably the best song I’ve heard this year (perhaps The Rip by Portishead excluded).

Just dwell on this won’t you.

Look at the passion of every single member of this immense band.  And try to work out thier average age.  I’ll give you a clue.  Cave is 50 and for my money he looks one of the youngest.  The boy on Rock and Roll violin is sublime.

Later in this particular show I stumbled upon this.

My mate Iain Hawk has been raving about Glasvegas for months in a visionary sort of way. This demonstrates why – thier own song; Geraldine.  One thing I really like about them is the way they’ve inverted the usual rock and roll cliches.

The drummer’s a burd.  And bloody good at it too, despite the lack of a bass drum (Yes, I know… White Stripes…)

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