Mobile Me. Fail. Viral hell.

Mobile wee more like.

I’ve never been able to get Mail on my Mac to work.  And the more I’ve tried the more it has simply fucked up my computer.  But the biggest mistake I’ve ever mad with Apple was to sign up for Mobile Me.

It didn’t work, so I canceled it.

But now, every half hour or so, a syncing message pops up on my screen trying to sync Mobile Me with Yahoo Mail.  Despite the fact that I have apprently eradicated it from my machine.

I have had four online helpdesk chats with Apple (helpful but unsuccesful) and it still plagues me.

Apple.  It sucks.  (Can anyone help me rid this cancer?)

I have tried removing everything about .mac and mobile me from my Keychain but it simply does not work.

You know that “Macs don’t get viruses thing?”

Yeah they do.

From Apple.