Carol ann duffy poem

I saw this article in the Times today.  It’s a remarkable photo and a remarkable poem.  Carol Ann Duffy was asked to select a photograph from The Barbican’s War show of photos by Robert Capa, and write a poem to capture the ‘capture’.

I love the way the poem interprets the photo in paradox.  It counterpoints the face value interpretation(s) that one might reach with the harsh reality that this is a man captured at his moment of death.

I like the way that it disses the youth culture of today, a culture that is not encouraged to stop and reflect, merely to observe, glance, half consider, dismiss.


2008 prize at the national portrait gallery

I was rather taken by this excellent portrait which is shortlisted for the above prize. It’s by Hendrik Kerstens and it’s of his daughter, Paula. I think it’s beautiful in that it looks like an old Dutch master but with a disposable carrier bag in place of a starched white hat.


And I think it should win.

Here’s the other three shortlisted Portraits

Lottie Davis’ Quints

Catherine Balet’s Ines Connected with Amina

And, Tom Stoddart’s Rupert Murdoch which has a strange but beautiful sadness about it.

Lying cameras

I like this shot I took of a tree yesterday on the 5th hole of my golf course.

Although Tom wasn’t so sure, because I was playing golf with him at the time and he had a 60 foot putt for par…

But he made it, so whatever…


I posted it on my Flickr site.

My mate Doug saw it, downloaded it, and improved it massively in Photoshop, but I couldn’t save his version on my computer as I don’t have Photoshop.

So, I had a bash at improving it on the proprietary Canon stuff.


It worked. And goes to show how you can turn nicely composed (if I say it myself) photos into nicely executed ones.
But wait till you see Doug’s version.

C’est Magnifique!