I’m tired

I was part of a three man team that cooked dinner for 70 (Dougie and Angelo made up the three) on Saturday.

It was late.

But, then I had to be part of  a 50 ‘man’ team that was tasked with planting 1,500 plants in SQ on Sunday morning,


Except it pouredwith rain.

So…mainly most of the 50 expected turn outs didn’t turn up.

So we just got our fingers out and got wet.

Not a laugh.

Suntrap Garden Open Day – 25th May

Jeana works at Suntrap Garden near Ratho.

So, I’d like to suggest that you make a date in your diary for a trip out for its Open Day on 25th May, 10.30 am – 4.30 pm.  If the weather stays like it is just now it’ll be a fantastic day out in a beautiful spot with money going to charity.

Here’s the link.

These shots were taken last year at the Open day.

Spring has sprung

Some people might think we know that spring has sprung because the snowdrops are flowering,



Daffodils are beginning to pop their heads out of the ground and flower,


But I think it’s when you can get your washing back out on the line in the garden.


And, as my father-in-law, Peter Gorman, used to say “There’s nothing better than watching your washing blowing in God’s good wind.”.