silk cut

I took this yesterday and kind of like it. The good people of Flickr seem to like it too. I called it Silk Cut because the sky reminded me of those old Silk Cut ads with the swathes of purple silk.

It looks much better on Flickr.  Click on the pic to see how much better.

true colours

We watched ‘”Save The last Dance” tonight, me and the gals, and this song got us talking.  I thought it was by the Spice Girls, but of course it was the one and only Cyndi Lauper.

Not a bad song and being used well by Sky to sell their HD.


top TV – even though I’m an adman

How could I possibly support such a notion?

An ad campaign that says life is better without the ads.

I’ll tell you how…

Put together a hugely compelling idea, a brilliantly to the point proposition, fabulous direction and a song to kill for. (Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka.)

And this is what you get. Advertising at its best.

The irony is that it’s anti advertising. But, you know what? That ultimately is why it is genius and will win lots of advertising awards.


And you know what? I was able to repeat view it on our temporarily working Sky + (2 months now – a record!).


Och, poor wee sky


Regular readers of my blog will be aware of my relationship with Sky (yes, box 14 is still working – before you ask).

So I am low on sympathy for their order to write down £343 million in an enforced sale of its aggressive build up of shareholding in ITV by the Competition Commision.

ITV has its problems but, you know what,  we need them more than we need a Sky monopoly.

Sky plus

A new system is arriving on Saturday.

That’s the 12th.

Jeana screaming down the phone “I’d like to speak to someone who understands what I am saying” over and over again was priceless.

That’s our twelfth box in under a year. (And another free month. Our fourth I think.)

Does anyone have Norris McWhirter’s phone number?

sky plus


Aye they’re having a laugh right enough.

What part of Sky Plus is the + bit?

Is it the increased number of technical call-outs I wonder?

As I write this our 12th box (that’s twelfth) has gone up the spout and we’ve only had it for 11 months.  That’s 12 call outs, 24 phone calls and 12 different contractors; all of whom have had a different story to tell, but all of whom agree that the Sky plus Digi box is a piece of technical dog poo.

Oh, and contrary to what they say, whether Amstrad, Thomson, Pace or bloody Playschool make them they don’t work.

Bet nobody can beat that.