Today was bad

I’ll keep it short.

3 hours to get to work in Glasgow.

Good day there actually.

3.5 hours back despite leaving at 2.30.

Lot of pissedoffdness involved

Give up on Scotrail and hail taxi.

Taxi driver refuses to drive to South Queensferry.

(More money to be made in town.)

Scotrail ineptitude off the scale.

Leave for Manchester.

1 hour later, including car dig out and unbelievable local driving conditions, pull into Tesco Petrol station.

Fill up with Petrol.

Realise car takes diesel.

Have to enlist four chaps to push me off the money bit.

Walk home in blizzard.

Get drunk.

Write post.


Igloo central

All of my kids are committed to igloo building.

Snowmen are so 2009.

But their fruits of labour are at different levels of commitment and construction.

Both are better viewed from a front elevation; but it’s freezing so you’ll have to take the front door view.

Amy and Stuart. late starters but in bad conditions.

Tom. Very committed. Unlike his English homework. And created in more temperate conditions....daylight.

I’m sure both will improve because this shit is here to stay, but I think a poll is in order…