The Briggers

I went along to the book launch of this, this morning at the Hawes Inn.  It’s written by Elspeth Wills, founder of Scotinform and my old boss.

It looks like a very interesting read and sheds a whole new light on the building of the bridge.


Note.  Whilst this is an excellently written post, Jeana (who wrote it) seems to forget that “I’ means Mark Gorman, not ‘she’ as in Jeana Gorman.  It’s a borderline case of unacceptable blog hijacking but you would think that ‘she’ would want her own blog (which she has, as it happens.  Here in fact.)

Anyway, good luck to Elspeth (a good pal of mine) on her latest book.

The Ferry Fair

She lives next door to us you know...

She lives next door to us you know...

My Nightfly gig is part of the Ferry Fair. But, actually, there is a great deal more excitement next door at our neighbour’s house where Sarah MacNeill is about to become the Ferry Queen.

So, we are brushing with royalty. Tugging our forelocks and being as subserviant as we can be.

As a serf I cut their grass last week. I hope I get a Knighthood and become Sir Knightfly. A bit tautological though, don’t you think?

Poor old Stuart has spent days dressing the front of the house. I’ll show you it on completion. Problem is it is VERY wet right now and she’s crowned on Saturday.

Please let it stop raining.

The Nightfly – 8pm Thursday 7th August

I'm going to have to take up smoking agin.  Oh yes, and go on a diet.

I'm going to have to take up smoking again. Oh yes, and go on a diet.

My third year as the Nightfly consists of only one show on Jubilee FM.  It’s an online only broadcast and you can find the link here. Not only that you can tune in and listen live.

However very soon (September I think) the station goes fully live on FM and online and I hope I’ll have a regular slot.

If you want to hear my mix of music old and new and certainly not from any regular playlist tune in on Thursday the 7th at 8pm (UK time).

Queensferry High – School of ambition

We went to see Amy in the Senior School’s show tonight, having seen Ria in the Lower School’s excellent ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ last week. The older pupils write, direct, choreograph and costume their own shows, three in all, one by each house.

Inevitably it’s hard to know where us dads should look at times with all that dancing about in skimpy dresses.

And that’s just the boys…

Anyway. It was excellent entertainment and a credit to the heidy; Mr Birch and his drama department.

I am constantly amazed by the standard of teaching at Queensferry High. The performances and turn out tonight showed just how amazingly the school has integrated itself into our community. Something to be really proud of.

Oh, and both Amy and Ria were brilliant.