The Specials


Just back from The Weegiestan after a most enjoyable night’s skanking.  The car windows were rather steamy on the return after Mike, Paul and I had thrown ourselves vigorously around the dancefloor of the Glasgow Academy for a couple of hours.

I was the world’s biggest Specials fan in the early 80’s but never saw them live.

This reunion tour was great then.

Extraordinarily tight, a big band, ten on stage and great commitment from all; even, surprisingly, Terry Hall.  Much has been made of Gerry Dammers absence but I wasn’t that bothered.  What did bother me was the padding.  The Specials have ten, maybe 15 songs to die for, but they did pad it out a bit and the gig lost focus after 45 minutes.  They came storming back in the encores, but that quite long (20-30 minutes) middle section left me a bit cold.

Overall though a sure fire four stars.