102 minutes that changed america.


Channel 4 has absolutely surpassed itself in screening this moving and extremely challenging documentary. For two hours, image after image took one’s breath away as we saw real (but mostly very high quality) video footage of the twin towers collapse from 8.45 am until 10 29 am.  Played sequentially with views from all angles including actually inside the towers it was heart stopping television.

I think one thing that made it so powerful was its lack of commentary and opinion.  It was not a political film, simply an unfolding of an event in something like real time.  Some might say it was the extremest form of voyeuristic television but I thought it was a work of true skill and, indeed, art.  I should make special mention of the constant but very subtle musical underscore, by Brendon Anderegg, which was quite beautiful.  Someone call the BAFTAs. (And the Academy, and the Emmys.)

Truly magnificent TV.