And Woody sticks yet another one in the back of the net.


In his 48th movie and his 77th year Woody Allen has pulled a pearl out of the bag.  Aided and abetted by Cate Blanchett, on absolute fire, Blue Jasmine is just wonderful.

The directing is effortless, the writing so miraculously real that you almost wonder if there IS a script.  It feels so like real life.

It’s a story barely worth telling because the plot is really quite slight; but it matters not one jot.

Beautifully photographed by Javier Aguirresarobe (who also shot Vicky Christina Barcelona) it has a sumptuous feel in keeping with the past lifestyle of Cate Blanchett’s titular character, Jasmine.

The story centres around the attempt by Jasmine to piece her life back together with the help of her adopted sister Ginger (played wonderfully by Sally Hawkins) after her marraige to playboy Alec Baldwin (who is so cool it’s unbelievable).

Whilst Jasmine has plenty of admirers her rather less fortunate sister is also on the road to romance with a blue collar worker, played affectingly by Bobby Cannevale.  But Jasmine dissaproves.  In fact Jasmine pretty much disapproves of everything in her new world; working, her sister’s flat, San Fransisco…you name it.

What makes the movie really work is the central (surely to be Oscar nominated) performance by Blanchett who simply sizzles from start to finish.

It’s not often you like an absolute bitch on screen but Blanchett pulls it off in a booze and drug sozzled role that never reaches extremes and demonstrates what an outstanding acting talent she is.

Woody is working on his (unnamed) 49th movie right now.  Here’s hoping he makes it to the half century because in the last five years we’ve had the aforementioned VCB and Midnight in Paris.  Both absolute toppers.

This is no exception.