33 years on from Blue Monday the latest New Order 33rpm astounds.


The name says it all.  Music Complete is the latest, in fact the 10th, New Order Album.

It’s almost inconceivable that a band that was effectively born 39 years ago in 1976 (as Joy Division) can be releasing a dance record as sumptuous, as driving, as beautiful and yes, as danceable as this in 2015.

OK, there’s no Hookie but it hardly matters because Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris remain on board for this epic set that’s as good as anything they created in their 80’s heyday.

From the opening beat to the closer it never lets up. Iggy Pop, who started out his career not long before Bernard Sumner, brilliantly guest vocalises on Stray Dog and there are contributions also from La Roux and Brandon Flowers.

‘Closer’ was said, by many, to be a psychic foretelling of the end of Joy Division’s career, let’s hope that Music Complete does not similarly signify the (final) end of four decades of brilliance from surely the greatest group of musicians ever to take Manchester to the world.

Absolutely brilliant and sure to finish 2015 as many people’s album of the year.

Is modern art rubbish? Robert Florczak certainly thinks so.

In this passionately argued but humungously pompous and highly opinionated (That’s rich. Ed) five minute video Robert Florczak destroys ALL modern art in a sweeping and ridiculous generalisation.

You have to watch it.


My favourite section in the video is the bit where he explains, in triumph, about this question he poses to his graduate art students.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 16.05.44

He claims that after they have provided eloquent and highly considered answers he reveals that in fact it is not a Jackson Pollock. It’s a close up of his painting apron.

I don’t believe this story. You know why? Because THIS is a Jackson Pollock painting and it doesn’t look even remotely similar.


A point worth noting is that these students are studying art under Robert Florczak who teaches at Prager University.

Yes, exactly. Prager University?

And here is one of his ‘paintings’.

Nothing particularly bad about it, in fact, quite the opposite, but it is modern art (in that it was created at a point after impressionism) and it couldn’t hold a candle to a Caravagio.


Maybe Robert Florczak should be advised to keep his ridiculous generalisations to himself. Or simply stop practicing his art.