Edinburgh Airport named fifth worst in World by AirHelp. Now that’s just ridiculous.


I have been in some shiteheap airports in my time.

Most recently Berlin (a toilet).

CDG in Paris is shite.

Stanstead was great once but is now declining.  Gatwick is a shithole.

Deau’ville near Paris is a disgrace.

Pisa is disgusting.

So for the pristine, efficient, well managed and well stocked with retail and food/drink outlets to be named fifth worst in the world by Airhelp defies belief.

Edinburgh Airport is superb.  This survey is deeply flawed.




The Siege of Sidney Street. Another great photo from BBC4’s Britain in Focus with Eamon McCabe.

Considered the first ever photojournalism shot, by Daily Mirror photographers.  Very poignant in these days of armed police on our streets.  They were trying to hole out a gang of armed robbers in London’s Sidney Street in 1911.

h_00168553.jpg.Here’s another…


And another, the killing of three of the robbers resulted in riots.


Just wonderful quality and such great story telling.