Rock opera

I went to see my one and only Edinburgh Festival show tonight. LuckilyI avoided reading the reviews or I’d have had to call off with a hairwashing appointment.

It was Orpheus X by some national USA Opera Co.

My pal George invited me and I was frank with him. (Actually he was frank with me.)

“That was shite” he said. And George doesn’t swear.

In truth it was poor. But it had its highlights.

The main female protagonist had got her kit off in the first minute, albeit on video.


(That’s her in the picture.)

Actually that was it. The one and only highlight.

So, Tommy is officialy still the only Rock opera worth writing about.


But the question remains. Why?

Dragon’s Den (junior school)

Tom (12) made a presentation to Jeana and I about investing my hard earned cash into a dotcom venture.  He believes he can take £10 a month off me.  Give me £15 back and make a profit by buying and selling on ebay.


I’m all for entrepreneurialism.

He did a post-den interview into the grip of his putter (a surrogate microphone) claiming he had been to hell and back facing the hardline dragons.

I shall keep you posted of course.