It’s back. Join up


Scotsman Fantasy Golf is back at last. The winter has been so dull without it. Who cares who wins the Abu Dhabi open if there’s no fantasy Golf points at stake. It gets better and better every year and last time out Tom and I featured on the leader board throughout.

It’s great fun AND it’s free. All you have to do is buy The Scotsman on a Tuesday to get the password to find out how you’re doing.

You’ve got nine days to register.

I’m going to set up a mini league too so come on fellow bloggers, Think Hard about your team and register it in the Think Hard mini league. Click on the link here.

We salute Ernest Gallo

As Jeana knocked a hole in to a bottle of Ernest and Julio Gallo Chardonnay over dinner tonight she let on that Ernest had passed away during the week.


“He was 97.” She remarked.

Both sanguinely and languidely our 12 year old daughter Ria observed…

“Good age.”

Wiseness comes young.

Cliches even younger.

Frankly I thought it was a crap age. Three years off the telegramm.

I blame the wine.

“Calm down, calm down…”


Now, I have a reputation for going a bit OTT sometimes about stuff and I have to say that my recent Mika review was too soon and too OTT. It will NOT be on my best albums of the year list (although Grace Kelly might yet make the songs list).

So I will restrain myself in reviewing the new Ardcade Fire Album. Suffice it say, on the first four listings it is better than Funeral. It is truly epic in its sound and scope. The track with the church organ is awesome. The introduction of Win Butler’s Mrs ( I assume) on vocals adds another welcome layer of texture and it is every bit as dramatic as its much lauded predecessor.

This band walks a truly unique path and, creates a new genre for popular music. When can you honestly remember, after all, the last time you heard a truly unique (in a good way) sound. Hunky Dory? Milk Eyed Mender?, Totalles Turn?, Funeral?

This album is very very good indeed and deserving of your £10 purchase fee. Get your arse down to yourr local music emporium and shell out.

That is an order.


Jeana, Cath and I took Ria up to Perth this morning to compete in her third competition.

It was rivetting.


Only there for 5 hours but Ria’s 46 seconds were great. Her best ever score and inches away from a merit prize.



Her team won Gold in their category though so that’s the first medal in her cabinet.


Well done Ria! We were all very proud!


Great building or what?

Good start to the season

Played with my pals at Ratho Park last weekend and haven’t had a moment to gloat.

But I have now…


Had a look at this year v last year at same stage.

Last year (after 8 Rounds) 45 over par (to handicap)

(That’s a joke. Ed)

This year…6 under.

(Better!. Ed)

Perhaps this is it. The year I perform.

(You said that last year! Ed.)

Watch this space!

(You said that last year! Ed.)

No I didn’t I didn’t have a blog last year!

(But you said it to your mates! Ed.)

Shut up ED. Who do you think you are anyway?

(I’m not ED I’m THE Ed! Ed.)

Who cares, your just an interfering twat that’s spoiling my good news and high spirits. Anybody would think your name was Derrick Reid – the oilrig man. I feel really deflated now.

(Excellent. Job done. Feet back on ground! Ed.)