Britain’s Got Talent Third Semi Final.


The human saxophone was a highlight of particular silliness.  He sounds no more a saxophone than I do a cultured media observer.

But it was a victory for minor ethnic minorities.  Cyprus kicked ass in the form of the somewhat absurd Stavros Flatley.  It is so bad it’s nearly good and Dad’s fawning over Flatley Jr is a real (cynical?) vote winner.  For me though, the stars of the show were MD Showgroup who lost out in the final vote to  Welsh Iranian Shahin Jafargholi.  An oddly mature voice for a 12 year old.

Certainly kicks Susan Boyle into touch.  That’s for sure.

The apprentice Week 10


So Howard Ebison predictably bit the dust.

I say predictably because that’s what this series is.  There’s just no real drama.  There’s nobody I particularly like or dislike.  Howard was just getting gradually sidelined and was likely to go fairly soon.  And the task was really pretty dull.  In actual fact there was no strong case for any of the losing team to be ousted more than the other.  Yawn.

For what it’s worth, my money’s on Lorraine.  Debra’s too gobby and Kate’s just not cutting it.  James could sneak through on the ‘whatever’ ticket.

Barca kick Ass


I was cheering on Manchester Utd last night.  But there wasn’t much to cheer about.  Barca, and in particular Messi, Xavi and the utterly outstanding Iniesta sent them homewards to think again.

Credit to Alex Ferguson at the end of the match.  He acknowledged that Manchester Utd (whom English commentators insist in calling The Greatest Team on Earth) were soundly beaten by the better team and that his young team would learn from the experience.  The trouble is Barca (with the exception of a few notables such as Henri and Puyol) are hardly geriatrics.

What’s more, Barca had no more than a makeshift defence and a goalie that was supposed to be a weak link.  I’d hate to think what might have been the outcome if Barca’s defence had been at full strength.  As it happens after the first ten minutes they were barely troubled.

A great match and a peerless performance.

I wonder how great Pep Guardiola will be when he gains some experience!

Francesca Woodman at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

I am a big fan of The Ingleby Gallery, hidden away behind Waverley Station on Calton Road.  It’s new, it’s creative and it shows extraordinary work that I’ve commented on before in my blog.  Last week I popped in to check out this remarkable exhibition by Francesca Woodman.

An American photographer from Denver, she committed suicide, in 1981 at the age of 22.


Her work is intensely personal and much of it is self-portraiture.  It’s mainly female nudes (many of them her) that shows how much she must have loathed herself as few, if any, show her face in a good light.


The prints are small and Silver Gelatin – I think –  (as you’ll be familiar with if  you  saw Ansell Adams’  show in Edinburgh last year)