So, US congress reluctantly votes to bail out the world economy by getting tax payers to pay for Wall Street’s greed.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Labour party nationalises Bradford and Bingley witn taxpayers’ money.

Any thoughts on who lost out in all this greed?

Here’s a clue. It wasn’t anyone in the City or on Wall Street because lost jobs or otherwise, they’re all right Jack.


Is it just me or is Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone not the best programme on the radio.  There is ALWAYS something new and interesting to hear.  He’s not afraid to play 30 minute tracks every now and then.  He is knowledgeable, likeable and tasteful

6 Music.  Every Sunday at 5pm.

Tune in or drop out.

Scary Movies

Ria had a couple of pals round for a sleepover last night and we all watched ‘House of Wax’ which is actually quite scary. Well, Paris Hilton’s in it for a start.

Basically they were crapping it.

Actually Ria tells me Paris Hilton isn’t scary at all.

“She’s just a tube!”  Allegedly.