Mum’s BBQ

Tom, Ria, Amy and Emma

Late Oclock

most of us...


My Mum turns 75 on Tuesday and she had a party last night to celebrate.  Absolutely great night and a little late.  I stayed over with her and had to help clear up the carnage this morning before rapidly driving home and taking Ria to a 4 hour rehearsal for the Chess Game.

I’m on my knees now…


And so the festival lies before us…

We saw the Wheel at the Traverse to kick off our festival and next we have the show that FCT is doing; The Chess Game.  I chair this youth theatre and we have 40 excited youngsters treading the boards for the 33rd year in a row at the Festival.

Next, I have Wondrous Flitting, which The Lyceum is staging at The Traverse;  The Lyceum Theatre Company’s first Fringe outing in many years.

Then there’s the shows I’ve booked so far.  I’m seeing Steven Berkoff in action in Oedipus next Friday.  That should be utterly sensational.

But also one of the hot tickets which I have is to see Marc Almond  In Ten Plagues.

But my aching hollow in my chest is for Dance Marathon.  Who will go with me to this experiential play in which the audience dance for four hours in a real life “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’

There is more…all at the Traverse at the moment, a site specific piece in Edinburgh’s Medical Hospital which is about death and the afterlife called “What Remains” and David Greig’s reputedly wonderful “The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart” with its promising Kylie Minogue finale.

You’ll notice I am not doing the Fringe Cancer; Comedy.

I may do Dave Gorman, and I’ve been invited to The Stand opening night pre-fest jolly with CBS, but I don’t do comedy because I’m a miserable Quantas flyer.

Oh, and a snob.

More Mercury Prize purchasing

I saw Metronomy at Glastonbury and really liked them.  I’ve been aware of them as background noise but notably hyped to the max by Mark Radcliffe on 6 Music.  So I took the plunge and bought this yesterday.  On first listening it is very good indeed and deserves its spot on the list.


I have just purchased this rather good album…

It’s a dubbified ‘take on Steve Mason’s critically lauded Boys Outside.

By pure coincidence I met my pals Will and Jim yesterday and they pointed me in the direction of African Head Charge which is also a dub band.

So I listened to this on Spotify this morning.  Excellent.


Time for a new bike.

I’ve had this thing for 11 years.  It was a gift from the IPA when I left 1576 to “never return” to the industry.

I think I managed a week (and even then I was on holiday).

Anyway it weighs more than Saturn and although it’s served me well the time has come to buy something a little more dextrous.

The early favourite was this little peach.  But it’s only available at Halfords and my bikey pals are warning me off Halfords.  I’ll probably use Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative or Alpine Bikes.

Any thoughts?